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Business Formation & Development

While worthwhile and fulfilling, businesses are complicated endeavors. The process of creating a foundation, getting the business off the ground, running day-to-day operations, encountering employment and labor law issues, and completing transactions involving assets and real estate contain myriad pitfalls. 

Entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes find value by partnering with an experienced attorney who can advise and guide them through any legal matter that may come up. By consulting with a knowledgeable attorney before making important decisions, businesses can avoid mistakes that can set them back and cost significant amounts of money.

JVAM’s attorneys have launched and counseled dozens of businesses, giving their clients a wider view of their situations and options. While keenly aware of business needs and requirements, our lawyers provide owners and entrepreneurs legal help across a broad spectrum of issues, especially regarding real estate and employment law. Because of their versatility in handling the intersection of business with other fields of law, JVAM’s lawyers serve as general counsel for nonprofits, including electric cooperatives, homeowners associations, and other groups.

In addition to helping your business with general needs such as drafting contracts for transactions, partnerships, operating agreements, and asset purchases, and applying for local, state, and federal economic incentives and grants, JVAM’s business lawyers provide added value in these areas:

  • Business formation: JVAM works with clients to thoughtfully structure their businesses by addressing key questions on the front end so that they can avoid conflict and problems down the road.
  • Employment and labor law: In addition to litigation related to unemployment claims or workplace injuries, we can advise businesses on other personnel issues such as hirings, firings, and promotions.
  • Purchase and sale transactions: We help people who want to buy a business by identifying and mitigating risks. JVAM also helps people get out of their business either through a sale or dissolution, minimizing liabilities for the parties.
  • Real estate purchase and leasing: JVAM helps businesses with due diligence related to the purchase or leasing of commercial real estate, including drafting, negotiating, and renewing leases.


With several locations across Colorado, JVAM builds and protects companies, estates and livelihoods. Let us be your partner in achieving your goals.


With several locations across Western Colorado, JVAM builds and protect companies, estates and livelihoods. Let us be your partner in achieving your goals.


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