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The attorneys of JVAM – Fall 2022
From left to right: Steve Beattie, Alex Clayden, Erika Gibson, Casey Martin, Charles Goodson, Maggie Casey, Ben Johnston, Chad Lee, Ann Jefferson, Eric Theile, Ryan Jarvis. (Not Pictured: Lucas Van Arsdale, Charles Simon, Laurel Quinto, Sean Pearman)


Benjamin Johnston - Partner and Founder of Johnston Van Arsdale Martin PLLC JVAM
Benjamin Johnston
Lucas Van Arsdale of Johnston Van Arsdale Martin JVAM
Lucas Van Arsdale
headshot of casey martin
Casey Martin
headshot of Ryan Jarvis
Ryan Jarvis
headshot of eric theile
Eric Theile
headshot of Chad Lee
Chad J Lee
headshot of alexander clayden
Alex Clayden
headshot of Ann Jefferson
Ann Jefferson


headshot of erika gibson
Erika Gibson
headshot of margaret casey
Margaret Casey
headshot of sean pearman
Sean Pearman
headshot of laurel quinto
Laurel Quinto
headshot of charles simon
Charles Simon

Of Counsel

headshot of steven beattie
Steven Beattie

Johnston | Van Arsdale | Martin (JVAM) represents clients across Western Colorado with offices in Aspen, Buena Vista, Carbondale, and Glenwood Springs. JVAM focuses on areas of practice that include business, construction law, real estate, land use, litigation, and estate planning. All attorneys at JVAM are licensed in Colorado and members of the Colorado Bar Association.

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